Work Allotment in Law & Legal Affairs Department





Allotted Work


1.     Ms Pooja Garg, Ms Preeti Meena (Junior Accountant)

1. All Work related to Budget and C.A.G.   Para of High Court, Subordinate Court and M.A.C.T.

2.  All work related to changing/ shifting of government quarters of Hon’ble Judges

3.   Work related to public Accounts

4.  Related to work of Budget allotment  in planning head for construction of Judicial building and government quarters received  from Hon’ble  High Court, Jodhpur

5.  Work related to Viniyog Lekh, Number Checking in CAG Report etc.



1.     Sh. Pradeep Chaudhary(L.D.C. Grade-II / Junior Assistant)

2.     Sh. Pradeep Kumar Maharshi(Retd.)


1.     Work related to Vidhan Sabha Questions, Proposals of  Specification, Calling Attention and Adjournment Motion.  

2.     Creation of   new various courts

3.     Work related to prakln committee


1.     Sh. Rajeev Asliwal (Clerk Grade II/Junior Assistant)


1.     Establishment of A.G.O.T.


1.     Sh. Surendra Shamota ( Clerk Grade – I/ Senior Assistant)


2.     Sh. Piyush Sharma (Informatic Assistant)

1.     Establishment and appointment of Hon’ble judges of Rajasthan High Court

2.     Establishment and Appointment of  Rajasthan Judicial Service Officers

3.     Appointment of Judicial officers in the government on deputation


1.     Sh. Vinod Kumar Bairwa (Clerk Grade II / Junior Assistant)

2.     Sh. Pemaram Dagdi (Clerk Grade II/ Junior Assistant)



1.      Establishment of Officers/ Employees of Legal Services /Vidhi Rachna seva  sanwarg.

2.   Work related to Rajasthan State Judicial Academy.

3.  Establishment work of appointed Judges in M.A.C.T. Courts

4.     Establishment of High Court and Subordinate Court Staff

5.     Ammendments and notification in various rules

6.     Delegate the powers of executive Megistrate in Criminal procedure code.



1.     Sh. Lokendra Singh Hada (Clerk Grade II / Junior Assistant)

1.     Effective Proceedings related to Lok Sabha & Rajya Sabha Questions.

2.     Work related to establishment of employees of   M.A.C.T. Courts

3.     Related to establishment work of  employees in department.

4.     Work related to quarter allotment of govt.  quarters under  department and description of  budget which is allotted for the repairing of quarters 

5.     Miscellaneous works.


1.     Sh. Yogesh Chaudhary ( Clerk Grade I / Senior Assistant)

2.     Smt. Maya Rathore (Informatic Assistant)


1.     Issue new certificates, renovation of certificates and all different tasks related to notaries.


1.     Smt. Manju Garg ( A.S.O.)

1.     Diary Dispatch (Received- Dispatch  Branch ) work of Department

2.  Maintain Stationery Records