Government of Rajasthan Parliamentary Affairs Department

Work Allotment:


Name Officer / Employee


Allotted Work


Sh. Kailash Singaria

Deputy Secretary

1-To be examined put up file from SO/AS and sent for disposal to the higher authority.

2. RTI


Sh. Narendra Kumar Thathera

Assistant Secretary

To be examined  file which is put up  from SO PAD


Sh. Santosh  Kumar Gupta


To be examined file which is put up from all dealing clerks and sent to high authority.


Sh. Rakesh Kumar Sharma


1-Dates of summoning and prorogation of the Assembly or its dissolution, of Governor's address to Assembly and tentative business.

2-Salaries ,allowances and medical reimbursement of members and Officers of Assembly & amendment in Act and rules and  create new rule under Act.

3- Assembly Question relating to facilities of MLAs and Parliamentary Question.

4- Work relate to recovery of dues of MLAs  and  complaint against MLAs

5. Advice to Departments on procedural and other parliamentary matters.

6. Provide  of House Proceedings  of the Assembly  desired by the department.

7. Implementation of  the recommendations of the Conference of Chief Whips.

8- Lists  MPs/ MLAs.

9. Work relate of House Committee, Business Advisory Committee and Parliamentary Consultative Committee.

10. Presiding Officers of the other State Legislatures and Tour  programmed  of other State Legislator committee.

11. Recorded file. 


Sh. Manoj Kumar Singhal


1-Relating work and monitoring of Motion for Adjournment under Rule 50, Call Attention under rules 131, special notice under rules 295.

2. Relating work Weekly, monthly, Quarterly, half yearly and yearly information sent to Administrative Reforms , Cabinet Sectt and CMO and Approvaling File Heads.   3.Nomination of MLAs and MPS in Committees.

4. Joint Committee on offices of Profit (Lok Sabha)

 5. Work relate of Public under takings committee, Question & Reference Committee.

6- Miscleneious work

Youth Parliament Competitions.

8. Recorded file. 


Sh. Vijendra Singh Shekhawat

Clerk Grade-I against ASO

 1-Plan and non plan  Budget  of  RLA Sectt.

2- Sanctions of the post of RLA Sectt.

3- Staffing work, Acquaintance Roll, Medical Bill of PAD

4- Assembly Question of RLA Sectt.

5. Construction and Repairs work of MLA Government Quarters.

6- Assembly enter pass and vehicle pass during the Assembly session  and duties of  Staff in control room of the Assembly and PAD

7. Salary, Allowance, Medical and other Miscellaneous work of Assembly Sectt's staff and  Sent to Presiding Officer and Secretary RLA In Commonwealth Parliamentary Conference.

  8. Work relate of Public Accounts committee and General  Committee.

9- Established Canteen sponsored by Rajastha Rajya Hotel Nigam Ltd In Assembly Session

10. Recorded file. 



Sh.  Balveer Chawla

Clerk Grade-I (UDC)

1-Relating works and Monitoring of Assurance.

2- Work relate of Petitions Committee, Assurance Committee, Subordinate Legislation Committee. SC& ST Committee & other Committee.

3- Cut Motions

4- Work relate to Medical reimbursement of Ex-MLA's.

5- All Circulars and Guide line of Assembly Questions, Government Committee establish which is difficult to MLAS and Notification and paper laid down on the table of RLAs.

6. Chasing work of Secretariat Assistance to the MLAs and MPS .

7- Standing Order of PAD

8- Maintaining casual leave account of Non-gazetted employees.

9. Recorded file. 



Sh. Mahendra Singh Rajawat &  Computer Operator /Sh. Balveer Chawla


Clerk Grade-II (LDC)/ Computer Operator/Clerk Grade-I

 1-Receipt work

2-Dispatch work.


4-Departmental Library. Recorded File

5-Other works

6-English Typing, Hindi Typing and Internet work in computer

7- Stationary Work

8-Photostate work

9- In Assembly Session Receipt and Dispatch Work.

10. Other works