Classification of Litigation

Statistical data regarding litigation to which Govt. and its institutions are a party would be entered & updated from the departments concerned in prescribed formats(5).  User-ID and Password given to each department for updating the Court Cases on-line.

Courts concerned for monitoring litigation in LITES:

Criminal cases & Civil cases

1. Supreme Court

2. High Court incl. Jaipur bench

Civil cases

1. All sub-ordinate courts

 2. All Tribunals

3. Arbitrators

Classification of Litigation:

I. Criminal:

a. IPC

b. Special /minor acts

c. Law & Order

d. Anti-corruption

II. Civil:

a. Service matters

a.Appointment, salary & related



d.Disciplinary matters

e.Retirement  benefits

b. Others

a.Govt., Revenue related

b.Land & Property related

c.Others (consumer, election, contract, etc.)

III. Contempt:

a. Criminal

b. Civil

IV. Arbitration