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Monitoring & Performance evaluation

Intensive monitoring of Red and Orange cases would be undertaken to watch the Government interest and the concerned departments would have to devise an intervention mechanism for effectively contesting these cases. Periodical review meetings with the OICs and the Govt. Advocates to emphasize the importance of these cases and to iron out the difficulties in presenting the cases before the court could be attempted at the departmental level. These cases could be included in the agenda of touring HoDs and Secys in the field.


The performance of the Govt. Advocates and the OICs could be assessed on the basis of their success rates in litigation. This would be calculated as a percentage of cases decided in favor of the Govt. From the total number of cases decided in which the concerned person was the GA or OIC. Quick conclusion of Red and Orange cases in favor of the Govt. In comparison to the average time taken for concluding a case in the court could also be additionally considered for performance appraisal.