Colour Coding (Priority)

In order to accord priority to important cases for monitoring, the following colour code is assigned:


Red :-

Cases to be monitored at the highest level (ACS /PS/Secys.) Court cases which involve one of the following:

            a. Financial implications more than Rs.10 Cr.

            b. Policy of the Government (Amendment in acts / policies / orders after cabinet decision).

            c. Issues of public importance – (Environmental issues with development implications, PILs)

            d. All contempt cases of Supreme Court, High Court, Tribunals.



    Cases to be monitored by HoDs besides facilitating monitoring of Red category.

    Cases involving:

            a. Financial implications more than 1 Cr. and less than 10 Cr.

            b. Policy of the Govt. (Important policies/orders of administrative dept. with wider ramification).

            c. Issues of public importance at district level.

            d. All contempt cases of sub-ordinate courts.

            e. Court Cases which are pending in court more than 10 years.



        Other than red and orange category to be monitored on a quarterly basis.

        The above categorization, based on the criteria already mentioned would be done by the concerned departments and the color code would be allotted accordingly.