Recent Orders

Title Order No. Date
Circular Regarding Sending APR PS/PLS/2/21/3196 20-Jul-2021
Appointment order of Sh.Mahendra Kumar Jain as A.P.P. & G.A. No.1 Nohar, Hanumangarh F.8(17)Raj/Vad/19 19-Jul-2021
Appointment order of Sh.Imran Khan as D.G.A. & A.P.P. R.H.C. Jaipur F.12(16)Raj/Vad/08, Pt 16-Jul-2021
Service Extension Order of P.P/A.P.P. F.8(25)Raj/Vad/19 Part-5 15-Jul-2021
Appointment order of anirudh singh raghav F.12(03)Raj/Vad/99 Part 13-Jul-2021
Order Regarding Document Verification for The Selected Candidates of JLO F.22(11)Nyay/18 12-Jul-2021
Allotment Order of Elementary Education Department to Sh. Pankaj Sharma AAG, Jodhpur F.12(3)Raj/Vad/99,Part 09-Jul-2021
Transfer Posting Order of Legal Service Cadre Officer's F.22(1)Nyay/21 09-Jul-2021
Transfer Posting Order of Legal Service Cadre Officer's F.22(1)Nyay/21 08-Jul-2021
Training Programme of P.P, S.P.P. & A.P.P. on Cyber Crime Awareness Course F.8(13)Raj/Vad/17 07-Jul-2021
Appointment order of 07 candidates in RJS Exam 2018 F.19(10)Nyay/2019 06-Jul-2021
PP/APP Appointment Order of Sh. Roopchand Singawat and Sh. Veer Prakash Jhajhariya   05-July-2021
Order regarding sending information for Delhi Verification for appointment of JLO F.22(11)Nyay/18 5-July-2021
Order Regarding Sending Children Declaration Information of Legal Service Cadre   2-Jul-2021
Order Regarding Sending Children Declaration Information of VRS Cadre   2-Jul-2021
Notice to Sharma Nirmal Jagmohan RJS selected candidate F.19(10)Nyay/19 01-Jul-2021
Post Creation Order of APP/Junior Assistant/ Class IV F.8(2)Raj/Vad/12 29-June-2021
APP Appointment Order of Sh. Arun Kumar F.12(16)Raj/Vad/08,Part 28-June-2021
Additional Charge Order of Preeti Goyal, Legal Service Cadre Officer F.22(1)Nyay/19 25-June-2021
Appointment and Posting Order of Junior Assistant Exam.2018  7(2)Raj/Vad/18 Part-ll 23-June-2021
Nodal officer appointment order for LITES Software F.12(14)Raj/Vad/19 22-June-2021
Additional Charge Order of Suresh Kumar Sharma, Mohd. Zahid Rashid, Legal Service Cadre Officers. F.22(1)Nyay/19 18-June-2021
NOC for Appearing in Competitive Exams F.22(5)Nyay/2021 18-June-2021
Documentation Verification and Counselling of Sourav Sharma F.7(2)Raj/Vad/18 Part II 14-June-2021
Extension in Monthly Retain ship & Appearance Fees  of P.P. & G.A./S.P.P./A.P.P. & G.A. F.8(1)Raj/Vad/19 14-June-2021
Cancelation order of ms.sneha ayyar, junior assistant of AAG F.9(4)Raj/vad/88 Pt 10-June-2021
Appointment Order of Sh. Vinayak Bhandari, Panel Lawyer for Hon'ble Supreme court, New Delhi  F.9(4)Raj/vad/88 Pt. 09-June-2021
Final Seniority List of Legal Service Cadre Officers'/Employees' F.22(2)Nyay/2018 04-June-2021
Final Seniority List of Vidhi Rachna Service Cadre Officers'/Employees' F.24(1)Nyay/2018 04-June-2021
Service Extension Order of A.P.P. / S.P.P. F.8(19)Raj/Vad/19 Part-2 02-June-2021
Notification regarding recruitment of Notary Public for 217 Posts F.20(14)Nyay/2006 02-June-2021
Appointment Termination Order of Sh. Arvind Bhadu, A.P.P. & D.G.A. F.12(16)Raj/Vad/08, Part 02-June-2021
Notification regarding Court Creation F.1(1)Nyay/2021 26-May-2021
Additional Charge Order of Sh. Nandgopal Goyal, D.L.R. F.22(1)Nyay/19 24-May-2021
Notification Regarding Cancellation of Notary Notification (115 Notary Posts) Dated 31.08.2018 F.20(14)Nyay/2006 24-May-2021
Appointment Order Of A.P.P. Ataru (Baran) & Udaipur



Service termination order of Sh. Khadim Husain, A.P.P.& G.A., Chirawa (Jhunjhunu) F.8(6)Raj/Vad/2021 11-May-2021
Service Extension Order of P.P/S.P.P./A.P.P & G.A. F.8(32)Raj/Vad/19 Part-5 12-Apr-2021
Nodal Officer for Mukhya Mantri Chiranjeevi Swasthya Bima Yojana F.27(4)Nyay/2021 05-Apr-2021
Provisional Seniority List of Rajasthan Vidhi Rachana Service Cadre F.24(1)Nyay/2018 01-Apr-2021
Provisional Seniority List of Rajasthan Legal Service Cadre F.22(2)Nyay/2018 01-Apr-2021